Shortest Post Ever


My youngest, Essa, just got her first email address. Of all the puppies, ponies, and Justin Bieber images available on the World Wide Web, this is what she chose as her inaugural missive. To me.

I'm guessing Essa thinks I need a vacation. Or a metaphorical trip to my happy place.

I’m guessing Essa thinks I need a vacation. Or a metaphorical trip to my happy place.

It was titled “Make Drinks.” Did I mention she’s eight? Apparently the fruit and the tree are forever intertwined.

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      • Oh, good one, great pic! Way to go, Essa, you’ve imprinted on your primary caregiver quite successully! Watch out when she demands a Facebook…. πŸ˜‰

      • I’ve successfully thwarted my 6th and 5th graders’ pleas for an account, but by the time she gets around to asking I’ll probably be so worn out that I’ll just let her start sexting. =p

        Great to see you, as always, Laura.

  1. Hilarious.

    She sees a pretty pic of a cocktail and associates it with you. Mine would do the same! Like most kids they know after mom’s had a few she’s soooooo nice!!! So at least its a positive association! πŸ˜€

    Here’s a funny one …Ash was 4 and she knew how to find my “green beer” (Indian Pale Ale) in ANY liquor store. She’d scream from the cart… “THERE’s your green beer mommy”!!!

    It’s now called my green beer.



    Sent from my iPhone 720-320-2156

  2. You think Essa’s trying to say you need a vacation perhaps? I would take heed. They little beauty’s a wise one. They say children are atuned to these types of things πŸ™‚

      • Love it! Who would not want to derink that…I read it as ‘thy little beauty’ too! πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing this smile! Children are much more attuned than most grown ups because they do not have as much to clutter their minds! Ahhh, the loveliness of youth!

      • Anytime I read a comment from you, Amber, I immediately decompress. You have a calm manner about you that I truly admire. I’m coming to visit your blog tonight, right after Essa makes me that cocktail. =p

        Thanks for visiting, I hope you’re well!

  3. Love it. Essa’s a treasure, just in case you need to hear that again. And don’t take this wrong, but let’s hear it for short blog posts for sure! I mean, if everyone would be just a little less willing to write and write, I wouldn’t have a constant backlog of 75 blogs to read. A blog backlog. A backblog.

    • **Heavy Sigh**

      I hear you, Sid. By the time I get to most posts, the writer has changed the theme, format, and subject matter completely. What am I trying to say? I, like you, feel as if I’m constantly catching up, in large part because there is so much great stuff to read and so little time.

      Thanks for the Essa support. I’ll try to make sure your words are ringing in my ears when she’s 16.

      Hope you and your lovely family are well. =)

    • No stress allowed here, Stella. You always have a safe, if not silly refuge in my posts.

      Thank you for all the love and support. I appreciate you tons and tons. You know WE are overdue for our cocktail, right?

  4. Tell Essa that her Mom gives great Drink Books as gifts. I’m seriously considering having an, “Any Bitch Can Drink” cocktail party.

    • “Do it! Do it! Do it!”
      (That was Essa talking, not me…I’m way too refined to chant.)

      On that note, maybe we should each bring a signature cocktail to Big Head Todd?

      Thanks for the love, Susan. Right back ‘atcha!. =)

  5. Ha! Don’t you feel a little busted?

    A friend of mine was running errands, and took her little one to the liquor store. Her daughter pointed at a bottle of wine and said, “Mommy’s juice!”

    Word to the juice. Or the fruity cocktail.

  6. My sons have had email accounts for a long time, and not once have I received a spontaneous email from them. I’m jealous. And your daughter is awesome! (Just like her mom. πŸ™‚ )

  7. I’m sure she thought it was a glass of lemonade. She included the umbrella because there was some rain in the forecast. And look at all that beautiful fruit. Your little sister was trying to take good care of you — so it’s true, the apple doesn’t fall far.

  8. Ah, a mom-daughter bonding experience. Next step – teach her how to convert/attach a wav file. She put de lime in de coconut, she drank ’em bot’ up…
    Or simply a happy picture for a happy little girl? Congratulations, Stacie, on a good job.

  9. Bwahahah! It’s worrisome now but think of how much fun you’ll have together at the clubs when she’s 21. Just ask Demi Moore and Dina Lohan. Partying with your daughter keeps you young forever;-)

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